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Time To Swear Off McDonald's Forever

Today was a busy day. Work is doing quarterly planning and a lot of teams decided to do it all at once. My day actually started at 5AM, though, with a production issue. It's after 10pm and I'm wrapping up some things for work. I start early in the morning again for more planning sessions.

Needless to say, I was not really into cooking dinner. So I grabbed some fast food. I chose McDonald's.

If you don't know me, I'm type 2 diabetic. I wear a Dexcom G6 and I use a basal insulin (long acting). I'm on other meds. Since getting the insulin tuned right, I've kept my glucose in range for a couple of months about 96% of the time. Choosing McDonalds today completely broke that.

You can see I've pushed it to the edge a bit in the past 24 hours, but that's a huge improvement to always being in the yellow before December, before the insulin dosing was tuned.

How do I know I've been so good to be in range? Dexcom does some long term tracking.

As I type this, it's still climbing, and might break 300. That's really bad. And all I can do is wait it out.

Do you want to know why McDonald's contributes to American Obesity? Here's some data to show it. It's full of gross amounts of carbs. Like holy shit amount of bad shit. I knew it was unhealthy, but this is fuck with your health level of unhealthy.

Some of the things to understand from that chart:

* There's a sharp spike running straight past 200mg/dL. This tells us there's a huge amount of sugar and other simple carbs. I never saw the trend indicator hit double straight up arrows until this.

* There's a sustained slower increase over several hours. This tells us there's a huge amount of complex carbs.

I probably blew my daily carb budget just in that small meal. Like holy shit.

No one should be eating McDonald's. This is grotesque.

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