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The Assault On The Capitol Is Worse Than You Think

Wednesday, January 6, 2021, a large group of people gathered in Washington DC, marched on to the House and Senate, and assaulted the capitol.

Let's not mince words: This was an assault. This was not a protest.

Most are focused on the idea that the fact these people were allowed to break in without a violent response, but there's a far worse problem with this assault.

This event was publicly discussed for a period of time leading up to the event itself. It was announced, discussed, and also encouraged by government leaders. There are plenty of people stating that it was intended to simply be a protest, but if you look at the discussions, you will find comments on civil war, revolution, and intention to assault the capitol. This was executed as planned, even though it wasn't really successful. At least...it wasn't successful to those people.

The world watched this coming. Including our adversaries. Those of you that support this action, are you certain threat actors were not hiding among your ranks? Are you certain you didn't let the enemy in the doors, acting as their Trojan Horse?

As of now, communications in both the House and the Senate buildings are no longer trusted. Confidential communications are probably not permitted there. That's not going to stop confidential discussions happening there, but they should not be. Those buildings are compromised when it comes to communications, electronic documentation, and other forms of surveillance.

Because we can't say for certain whether there were threat actors from our adversaries, we can't say for certain that the computer networks, wireless networks, phone systems, etc haven't been tampered with.

One might say that such confidential communications shouldn't be occurring there. But they do. Congress is involved not just with legislation, but with making decisions among the three branches of government, which does include military actions.

And these people potentially let the enemy in the doors without any resistance.

Russia would be proud. China would be proud. Iran would be proud. Our adversaries may be thanking you guys. Congratulations.

Senate and House IT staff have their work cut out for them. The NSA has their work cut out for them. This is going to be a problem that extends well beyond that day, this week, maybe even this month.

Never mind seeing a Confederate battle flag inside federal government buildings, something the Confederacy couldn't even do. Broken confidentiality in our federal government is the real thing to be worried about.

Our adversaries are laughing at us.

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