• Beau Steward

I'm Back

So I decided to try running a blog again. The difference this time is I'm not hosting it myself. Nothing for me to manage except for the content. It gets me away from the part of hosting a blog that I really hated.

I'm not sure what will be different. I've gone through many iterations and ideas of what my blog should be. Generally, the reason for shifting in focus of content has been around trying to find what would generate traffic to my blog. My thinking was I'm putting this out there, I want people to find it. However, at this point, I don't really care. If people find it, then awesome. If people like it, even better. But if I still get no traffic, then oh well.

So this is my personal blog. I intend to post on topics that interest me. This may be pretty varied, anywhere from health, to technology, to politics, to general opinions.

I'm still figuring out this platform so I may have a bit of a slow start here. My next post should be more of a life update that I tended to do around the new year in the past.

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