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Herd Immunity

Let's talk about herd immunity, which certain demographics of Americans seem hell bent on using as an excuse to infect as many people with COVID-19 as possible, consequences be damned. These people don't understand what herd immunity actually is.

Herd immunity is a concept of community immunity for indirect protection for those that can't take a vaccine or otherwise have immunity issues. The way it works is the community builds immunity to disease so that the few that can't are safer from infection and spread. Herd immunity has multiple ways to be established, with vaccination being the safest method for those without immunity.

In fact, the worst way to establish herd immunity is through actual infection. It puts everyone at risk.

Many anti-maskers, anti-lockdown, and other various opponents to pandemic related policy want to get things over with quickly, and their proposal is to let the virus spread unchecked so everyone gets it faster and gets over it faster. As much as I dislike the lockdown and hate how much it's damaging our economy, this is a really good way to make sure the economy doesn't recover.

Letting the virus spread unchecked means everyone gets infected. That includes very young babies still developing an immune system, people who are immunocompromised, people who are on immunosuppressants, and those with otherwise weakened immune systems, such as the elderly. This also includes those people who are absolutely healthy who may still die. These people don't care how many people die.

There are places around the world that don't have economy stifling lockdowns. The reason is the people followed their government's guidelines. Granted, this also means their governments weren't actively fighting to make things as bad as possible and denying science.

While we are still waiting for vaccines to become widely available, we should be doing everything we can to limit the spread of the virus. I'm not so much wearing a mask to protect me, but rather it's to protect those that I may have no connection with. One of the really scary features of this infection is asymptomatic infection and spread.

Don't conflate asymptomatic infection with not having any negative effects. We're still learning what damage this virus does, and we have learned asymptomatic infection doesn't mean that no damage is being done. You definitely have a viral infection, and you are definitely spilling viral infected particles, and spreading it if you're not covering your face.

Even for those with symptoms, we still don't know all the damage this virus does. Scientists have seen evidence that it is neurotoxic as well as hemotoxic. Many people have what feels like the equivalent of a mild flu, but make no mistake, it can be deadly, and it could have long lasting damage to your body that very likely shortens your life. You don't want to catch this virus, and you should not want herd immunity via uncontrolled spread.

Want to get past lockdowns? Wear a fucking mask. Stop going to church and have online worship. Only go out when you need to. Just stop being fucking idiots and take it seriously.

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