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Happy 9th Birthday and 2nd Gotchaversary, Benson!

I've had Benson 2 years now. He was rescued from the blood bank in Cherokee, TX that closed in late 2017 due to allegations of neglect and abuse. I've posted about this in my old blog so I'm not going to go into that. Instead, I'm going to focus on celebrating his time with me and gush over him a bit.

As the title notes, he's turning 9 years old. He's a senior. Greyhounds live to around 12 to 14 years so he still has some years to go. And to be honest, he's probably in the best health he's been in for years. Zoomies are now almost a daily event, sometimes multiple times in a day, usually around meals and getting ready for walks. As he's aged in my care, he's grown more active and seems genuinely happy.

But, of course, he is a senior, so he's not quite as active and energetic as Leeloo.

Another way he has grown is his willingness to be out in public. He suffers from social anxiety and can easily be overwhelmed, so we generally avoid events with him, but we go through public spaces during our walk where we are likely to encounter people, and he's learned to love meeting them.

Happy Birthday, and Happy Gotchaversary, Benson!

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