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EVE Echoes Fixed A Bug - Autopilot

I started playing EVE Echoes almost as soon as it was open. I'm probably among the highest in SP earned on the entire server. So I've got a really good feel for it. I, primarily, play it on my iPad Mini 5th gen. It looks and runs great. It's definitely EVE lite, though, as the skill trees are simplified, and many of the ship fittings are also simplified (to the detriment of many really good ships in EO...the Rifter is now garbage).

There was an aspect of Echoes that many people enjoyed: Safe autopilot. This includes autopilot in null sec. One of the great things this has done is allowed the population of EVE to spread out. But it also broke many aspects of the game.

Many assumed this to be a feature. Others weren't sure. It's a mobile game, so maybe they were catering to those who play for a few minutes then log off. But EVE is a hardcore game, and my suspicion was that this wasn't right. It made fighting in null sec very difficult. It made pirating basically impossible.

Then it came out that it was a bug. Autopilot was ignoring warp disruptors and allowing ships to travel despite being pointed.

And then the patch hit that fixed it. Suddenly, traveling in null sec wasn't safe, and it was questionable in low sec.

Cue the outrage.

Yup, all the people who assumed it was a feature are now pissed because the bug everyone was exploiting (myself included) is now plugged. No one feels safe traveling now.

Here's the rub: Many were confused by the fact there were route options, set shortest route, and forgot about it because it's safe, why use anything else? High sec is still safe for travel because high sec PvP is impossible. Literally impossible. Not a "you'll get Concorded" impossible, but you cannot fight other players in high sec. In low sec, gate and station guns are so powerful, there's currently no ship that can tank them. It's possible to blap at well organized and disciplined gate camps without popping, but it's super risky. Low sec autopilot is still pretty safe, especially if you fit inertial stabilizers. I've yet to be locked in my Amarr cruiser, known to be slow, while autopiloting in low sec.

So this just makes null sec unsafe. Null sec should never be considered safe. Ever. It should always be risky to do anything in null sec. Including manual travel. Null sec is not a carebear playground.

I saw multiple people make the argument "If I wanted to constantly stare at the game, I'd just play EO." I suspect CCP Europe wanted to keep Echoes hardcore while bringing it to a mobile audience. This is still EVE, afterall.

The simple fact of the matter is CCP China/NetEase fixed a bug that everyone exploited. Now you have to play the game as it was intended. Don't like it? Go play Second Galaxy. Better yet, go play any other mobile game.

By its very nature, EVE is not a casual game. It's a hardcore game with the capacity to play casually, but without the great rewards that come from high risk. You can still play EVE and keep your ships safe with this patch, just go be a carebear somewhere else.

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