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Arriving By 10PM - Amazon Delivery

Over the years, delivery estimates have been pushing for later and later times. I've seen Amazon pushing to 8PM, then 9PM, and now? They push to deliver by 10PM.

The problem with this is it often means that when it arrives.

10PM is way too late to be making silent deliveries.

Lately, I've been working on going to bed at a reasonable time for early morning meetings. I've been working on being in bed by 9PM. This means a delivery could arrive at my door at 10PM with Amazon's new delivery window.

Bear in mind this isn't a matter of having my sleep disrupted. In fact, it probably won't be. There's two other problems, though.

First, they deliver without any notification other than updating the app. No door knock. Nothing. So they will drop off the package and I could be oblivious to it until morning, leaving a package waiting all night exposed to the public. It seems like package theft is increasing, these days, and Amazon is doing everything in their power to ensure packages are easier to steal with this decision.

Additionally, and this is probably going to be more specific to my situation and those similar to mine, is the office to my building closes by 6PM and this has been pushing delivery people to enter what should be a secure building later and later. We do have coded access and vendors are supposed to have that code, but often they don't. Which means an increase in failed deliveries if they can't get in. Related to this, if a resident prefers a package to be delivered to the office, this becomes impossible.

I've only just learned of this new delivery window with my most recent order, and I already hated the 9PM window. This is yet another reason I really want to get away from using Amazon.

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