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50g Of Carbs Per Day

I have to admit that for a long time I didn't take my type 2 diabetes diagnosis seriously for a pretty long time. I didn't want to. I was in denial that it was a serious problem. Eventually, though, I pulled my head out of my ass and got serious about it. I think it was when Victoza was introduced into my regimen that it really hit me how much this disease is a bad thing. The fact that I had a daily needle hit pretty hard.

I changed my diet. I got more active. I stayed on top of my medications and got better at checking my blood glucose. I lost a lot of weight. But thanks to neglect early on, and likely a late diagnosis, the disease progressed and my medications evolved quite a bit.

I'm now on insulin. Granted I'm on a basal insulin. It's a long acting once a day injection. I'm also now wearing a Dexcom G6. Yeah, we're that far along, now. At least it's not MDI or insulin pump.

My dietary changes weren't enough to get the tightest control I can. My carb intake came way down, which helped contribute to my weight loss. I'm at the low end of the recommendation for a healthy person, between 150 and 250 grams per day.

I, recently, became a patient to a diabetic specialist. This is just now happening for the same reason mentioned above: I didn't take this seriously enough and I thought my PCP would be enough. Granted, according to my new doctor, my PCP has been doing a good job. However, his carb recommendation is to get below 50g per day. This is, apparently, not just his opinion, but a more common recommendation.

So I'm starting a journey of turning down my carbs. I'm not sure perpetual ketosis should necessarily be a goal, but I've been digging into ketogenic diets.

The problem with me, however, is I dislike cooking. It's not the put it in the oven bit that I dislike, but the preparation from fresh to a plated meal overall. I've looked to meal kits to try to solve this problem, and now use Tovala. The problem, here, is these are not ketogenic meals. Some of them even break 100g of carbs alone.

I suspect the best approach is to try to spread your carb intake across the day. However, I really don't want to drop Tovala. So as a first step on this journey, I will be choosing meals a bit better based on their nutritional info along with whether they're appetizing, and will be working to reduce my carbs earlier in the day to budget for dinner. It's probably a terrible idea and I'll feel like garbage, but I'm going to try it and see where it gets me.

I might also reach out to Tovala to ask about their plans for more keto friendly meals.

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